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Difficulty: *

You will need: terry cloth, lining, lining, satin tape 4 ?m (1-5/8”) wide.

Recommended fabrics: lightweight terry cloth fabrics.

Attention! Fabric consumption varies depending on the size of garment. First of all, print out paper patterns and lay them out at the width of fabric/ knit you plan to use, to see how much fabric you will need.

When sewing the garment, pay attention to notches- they must coincide.



1. Back - 1 piece
2. Pocket - 2 pieces
3. Front with Hood - 2 pieces
4. Belt - 1 piece
5. Sleeve - 2 pieces


1. Turn out to the face side extended facing at top edge of Pocket, stitch to the Pocket at sides. Turn the Facing back to the wrong side. Turn under allowances at the other edges of Pocket. Pin the Pocket to Front, baste and topstitch at sides and bottom.

2. Line up Hood pieces face sides together and sew at center and top hood. Press seams open, topstitch. Turn the Hood to the wrong side, match raw edges so that top seam and center hood seam meet, and stitch along the raw edges (across the Hood). Serge allowances.

3. Clip allowances of Front between shoulder seam and Hood, 1 ?m (3/8”) off the far end of each dart. Sew shoulder seams, starting and ending the seam exactly at the dart. Press allowances open.

4. Sew Hood into neckline of Back, starting and ending the seam exactly at the dart. Press allowances downwards. Sew darts at Fronts and Hood. Clip allowances of darts down to and serge. Topstitch the Back along the seam of attaching Hood.

5. Sew side seams, serge allowances.

6. Turn under hem allowance, press and topstitch. Line up edge of satin tape with the front edges and hood edge face-to-face, baste and stitch together 1 ?m (3/8”) off the edges. Turn the tape to the wrong side, forming a piping 1 cm wide, and stitch in the ditch of previous seam to attach inner tape.

7. Sew under-sleeve seams. Finish sleeve bottoms with satin tape in the way you did front edges and hood. Sew Sleeves into armholes. Serge. 8. Fold the Belt lengthwise in half, face side inside, and stitch at long and one short edge. Turn out, press the Belt. Turn inside raw edges at one end of Belt, edgestitch the Belt all around.

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