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Difficulty: **

You will need: natural/mixed fabric, invisible zipper, lining.

Attention! Fabric consumption varies depending on the size of garment. First of all, print out paper patterns and lay them out at the width of fabric/ knit you plan to use, to see how much fabric you will need.

When sewing the garment, pay attention to notches- they must coincide.



1. Center back part - 2 pieces
2. Side back part - 2 pieces
3. Right side front part - 1 piece
4. Left center front part - 1 piece
5. Left side front part - 1 piece
6. Center front part - 1 piece
7. Back decorative collar - 4 pieces
8. Right front decorative collar - 2 pieces
9. Left front decorative collar - 2 pieces


1. Center back part - 2 pieces
2. Side back part - 2 pieces
3. Right side front part - 1 piece
4. Center front part - 1 piece
5. Left side front part - 1 piece


Note: For the best fit, we recommend attaching clear plastic shoulder straps for lingerie to the garment.

Note: color drawing corresponds to patterns. Line drawing is a mirror of actual design. If you wish to have the design as in line drawing, reverse cutting and assembly of left and right front parts, as well as left/right collar parts. (Simply change all names of LEFT parts to RIGHT; and RIGHT – to LEFT).

1. Serge allowances of back princess seams. Sew back princess seams (Center Back parts to Side Back parts). Press allowances open.

2. Line up Back Collar and Right, Left Front Collar parts at side edges. Stitch Collar pieces together at side edges, so that you have two Collars of shell (right and left), and two Collars of trim shell fabric (as pictured), or four Collars of shell, if you are not using trim fabric for Collar. Press seam allowances open. Do not stitch collars together at center back. Line up outer and inner Collars, face-to-face, and stitch together at outer edge only. Press seam open. Turn out Left and Right Collars to the face side.

3. Pin the Left Collar (both raw edges of Collar) to Left Center Front Part (small part) aligning neckline and bottom slanted edge. Serge bottom edge of the Left Center Front Part. Pin the Right Collar to the Right Center Front Part, aligning at neckline and edge of front princess seam. Serge the segment of Right Center Front Part at the area of future seam joining Right Center Front (large part) with Left Center Front (small part). Sew Left Front Part to Right Front Part (at the area where you’ve just serged), remove pins. Press seam allowances open.

4. Serge allowances of front princess seams, at Side Front parts and Left/Right Center Front Part. Sew front princess seams, down to the notch for slit in a left princess seam. Press allowances open.

5. Serge allowances of side seams of dress, sew side seams. Press seam allowances open.

6. Turn out Collars wrong sides out and line up center back edges of Collar. Stitch down short ends of Back Collars. Clip allowances in corners.

7. With Collar parts turned wrong sides out, stitch together raw edges of Collar at neckline, only at the area from front armhole to the back armhole, from notch to notch. Clip allowances where the armhole starts, turn out Collars to the face side, press.

8. Serge center back edges. Sew center back seam of dress from the notch for zipper opening down to the bottom. Press allowances open. Sew in an invisible zipper.

9. Line up and pin raw edges of Collar to neckline of Front and Back of dress.

10. Sew together parts of lining similar to shell, leaving a slit in the left princess seam. Serge seam allowances, press towards center front (for front princess seams) or center back (for side seams and back princess seams). Serge bottom edge of lining, turn under hem allowance, topstitch 0.5 cm from the bottom. Serge center back edges of lining, sew center back seam from the notch for zipper down to the bottom. Press center back seam allowances of lining open. Press allowances along the slit for zipper. Place lining over shell face-to-face, line up raw edges at armholes. Stitch lining to shell at armholes. Clip armhole allowances. Understitch armholes. Line up raw edges of shell and lining at the slit in left princess seam. Stitch together lining and shell along the sides of the slit. Turn out the dress to the face side and topstitch sides of slit at 0.5 cm (3/16"). Baste turned-under edges of lining at center back to the sides of zipper, topstitch along the zipper, at top side of dress, at 0.5 cm.

11. Serge bottom edge of dress, turn under hem allowance, topstitch bottom at 0.5 cm.

12. Make or purchase under-skirt of net or the same fabric as for Collar (skirt pattern not included). This skirt will show through the slit in left princess seam.

Free sewing patterns (PDF) available for download

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