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example - #5278 Raglan sleeves blouse with braid preview - #5278 Raglan sleeves blouse with braid

Difficulty: ***

Recommended fabrics: silk or viscose.

You will need: lace braid of 3-4 cm (1-3/16 - 1-5/8") width.

Attention! Fabric consumption varies depending on the size of garment. First of all, print out paper patterns and lay them out at the width of fabric/ knit you plan to use, to see how much fabric you will need.

When sewing the garment, pay attention to notches- they must coincide.



1. Upper front part - 2 details
2. Lower front part - 1 detail
3. Upper back part - 1 detail
4. Lower back part - 1 detail
5. Sleeve - 2 details
6. Sleeve decorative detail - 2 details
7. Wide ruffle - 2 details
8. Front part neckline facing - 2 details
9. Back part neckline facing - 1 detail
10. Sleeve facing - 2 details


1. Sew center upper front part up to the notch.

2. Make the tuck at upper front part.

3. Make the tuck at upper back part.

4. Sew the braid to upper front part.

5. Sew upper and lower front parts together.

6. Sew the braid to upper back part.

7. Sew upper and lower back parts together.

8. Sew side seams.

9. Sew the braid to the sleeve.

10. Make the tuck into sleeve decorative detail.

11. Sew decorative detail and the sleeve together.

12. Sew the braid to lower edge of sleeve decorative detail.

13. Sew sleeve seams together.

14. Oversew the ruffle hem allowance, turn it over and topstitch.

15. Sew the side seam of the triangle ruffle. Sew the ruffle to the braid into the sleeve.

16. Sew the sleeves into the armholes.

17. Sew back part neckline facing and front part neckline facing and sleeve facings.

18. Oversew facings.

19. Stitch front part and back part necklines and sleeve upper part with facings.

20. Topstitch facings of font/back part neckline and sleeve, leaving drawcord unsewn.

21. Pull the string into neckline drawstring.

22. Press the hem allowance to the left and topstitch.

Free sewing patterns (PDF) available for download

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