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example - #7043 Trousers with diagonal pockets preview - #7043 Trousers with diagonal pockets

Difficulty: *

You will need: linen; fusing; 1 zipper; Velcro.

Attention! Fabric consumption varies depending on the size of garment. First of all, print out paper patterns and lay them out at the width of fabric/ knit you plan to use, to see how much fabric you will need.

When sewing the garment, pay attention to notches- they must coincide.

Cutting :


1. Pocket facing - 2 details
2. Patch pocket - 2 details
3. Patck pocket flap - 4 details
4. Side front part - 2 details
5. Front pocket bag - 2 details
6. Upper front part - 2 details
7. Middle front part - 2 details
8. Lower front part - 2 details
9. Button catch - 1 detail
10. Upper back part - 2 details
11. Middle back part - 2 details
12. Lower back part - 2 details
13. Hem facing - 2 details
14. Waistband right part - 2 details
15. Waistband left part - 2 details

Fusing: waistband details, pocket facing, button catch, pocket flap.


1.Apply the fusing to wrong side of waistband details, buton catch, pocket facings and the flap.

2.Tack pocket facings to front parts. Topstitch pocket bags to pocket entrances right sides together. Cut pocket bag joining seam allowances to 0.5 cm (3/16") width. Turn pocket bags into wrong side. Turn lower edges under and topstitch them on front parts. Pin front parts on cut sides, then tack pocket entrance. Sew pocket bags together.

3.Overstitch flaps along figure edges, then turn into right side, press and topstitch along edges. Topstitch a piece of Velcro (with hooks) on flaps. Tack flaps on middle front parts according to marks. Topstitch Velcro soft pieces on pocket details. Make pleats into pockets, press pocket side allowances into, and topstitch it along marking on middle front parts of the garment.

4.Sew upper front part and middle front part (flap upper edge enter into joining seam). Press allowances upwards, then topstitch. Sew middle front part and lower front lower part (insert pocket lower edge into joining seam). Press allowances downwards.

5.Sew front parts right sides together under slit mark along front middle seam, stop sewing 2 cm (6/8") before inside leg seam.

6.Press zipper closure one-piece facing into wrong side. Sew the zipper under left closure allowance. Sew zipper free band to right part to one-piece facing. Fold the button catch along the center its right side out, then serge along long and short edges. Topstitch closure one-piece facing onto the zipper on the burron catch (on garmant left part). Topstitch slit right edge catching facing.

7.Sew upper back part to middle back part. Press allowances upwards, then topstitch. Sew middle back part to lower part. Press allowances into lower parts, then topstitch.

8.Sew inside leg and side seams. Sew back edge and front edge unsewn part with one stitch. Press allowances downwards roundings.

9.Sew waistband details in pairs, press seams apart. Sew waistband upper edge to garment upper edge right sides together. Press joining seam allowances to the waistband. Fold waistband upper and lower parts right sides together, them overstitch. Turn the waistband right side out, press it, and topstitch strictly along joining seam on right side. Topstitch hard piece of Velcro (with hooks) on waistband right end, and soft piece on the left one.

10.Sew hem facings into rings, then sew to garment hems right sides together. Turn facings into wrong sides and press. Topstitch facings on right side along the joining seam strictly.

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